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Achieve Flawless Skin with Our Laser Treatments

Experience the benefits of laser treatments at EZZ Cutz Hair Salon. Book your appointment today.

EZZ Cutz

Our dedicated team are trained to the highest level in their fields and while we always keep a keen eye on the latest trends and techniques, our focus is to personalise every colour and cut to ensure its perfect for you and your lifestyle.

In addition, we believe it is imperative to always provide you with both the knowledge and the tools to be able to then be able to recreate or manage your look at home. This means you will not only love your hair on the day you leave the salon, but every day in-between until your next appointment.


OUR services



We at Ezz Cutz take pride in our haircuts services. Get your beard trimmed, shaped, and moisturized while receiving a clean straight razor shave to areas around your beard. We also offer Men’s facials & grooming and hair colour treatments


A modern contemporary studio dedicated to providing our clients with the best in hair care and trends so that you’re left feeling happy and confident with every visit. We have a team of experts who provide bridal/event hair and makeup, as well as hair extensions.


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